Tuesday, August 5, 2008


THE BARTET PROJECT is nearing its third month and thanks to so many of you it is coming along nicely. Hopefully, this will be a step toward the development of an EDG (email discussion group) just for members of the Bartet family. If you're interested in being able to interact with others participating in this project, then please let me know.

Thanks for the photos you've allowed me to scan and the ones you've sent me via snail-mail (U.S. Postal Service) and by email. It's a delight to see faces I haven't seen in years and to put faces on those I've only known by name. Please, if you haven't sent photos of yourself or your family, do it now.

I've learned so much about our family. For instance, I did not know that Louis Bartet, Sr., had a sister, Mary Elizabeth Bartet. I did not know that Mary Elizabeth Bartet Courtade's son married, Eunice the sister of Mary Tuzette Robert. This means that Charles Eric Courtade, Mary Elizabeth's oldest son and husband of Eunice Robert, was the nephew and brother-in-law of Louis Bartet, Sr. :) If you don't have a brain cramp yet, then you probably won't get one.

Thanks for taking the time to check here often and for leaving your comments. Who knows, you may want to start your own blog (web log). If you do, please let us know the address so we can visit you and link to your site.

Your help in reconstructing and reconnecting the Bartet family is much appreciated!!

Louis Hubert Bartet, son of Louis Bartet, Jr., grandson of Louis Bartet, Sr. and Tuzette Robert Bartet

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